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Juliana in her studio, speaking into her AT4040 Audio-Technica Studio Mic that she uses for her Spanish voiceover projects.




Captivating listeners... one story at a time.

Voiceover is not just about talking to people but about bringing people into the story, being genuine and personal to create a connection with listeners.


Having the ability to interpret copy and deliver it in a way that creates that connection, is my passion.

I am a dynamic, and creative voice talent with a powerful voice and sensibility to bring stories and characters to life, creating a more immersive experience for listeners. 

I have produced several audiobooks in Spanish and I have worked with authors and publishing houses in North America, Japan, and Europe. 


Juliana Velez, a Spanish Voice Actor, in her home studio.JPG

My Background

I studied performing arts and storytelling, and continue to further develop my bilingual voiceover skills through ongoing coaching, classes and workshops in Canada and the USA. 

I have a background in Marketing and Public Relations which gives me a strong business acumen and professionalism. 

My Voice

 As a native Spanish speaker, I have a clear and neutral accent, and I am skilled at performing in a variety of regional accents.  

I am also fluent in English and can give your English-speaking character some sparkle with my Spanish accent.

My Work Ethic

Because time is of the essence, I understand how important it is to get a project completed quickly. Therefore a quick turnaround time and great quality product are very important to me.


Contact me for more details and to discuss your specific project needs.


My demos




I have clean diction and articulation and my voice is versatile, making it suitable for a variety of projects. I can perform in a variety of styles, highlighting the natural qualities of my voice to deliver a performance that is friendly, natural, engaging, soothing, soft, sophisticated, persuasive with a low to mid-tone range.

Audiobook Samples


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let me bring your story to life!

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